Schenee Murry 5 Weeks Pregnant?!

Schenee Murry is reportedly 5 weeks pregnant. The father is her current man.

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The News

On November 14th 2022, Schenee Murry announced that she is 5 weeks pregnant. The father is her current man. Her expected due date is around July 19th 2023.

like man your girl got a baby on the way

Schenee Murry


I am leaving the hospital and waiting on
my list now I’m tired
um man baby excited
but I know this is about to be crazy
y’all he about to act crazy
he’s like already my baby game
um getting worked by nobody we’re gonna
watch y’all baby oh Lord Jesus I’m only
five ways
I got a long way to go
a long way
so this is a documentary
basically of
day one of five weeks finding out we
how you feel about this

again with a new baby mama
and I love you can’t wait to stay tuned
stay tuned this is my first child y’all
y’all see my hair oh man I’ve been
stressed going crazy hey y’all

how y’all been
hey everybody


good morning I know everybody they’re
trying to get up for work or at work
y’all so I found out this is the reason
why I’m eating this the reason why I’m
craving weird
like man your girl got a baby on the way

on the way
he said by the way the sex look it’s
long it’s gonna be a tall baby
thank you
um the doctor gave me he had me stop my
um he said because her boyfriend gonna
hurt the baby so he gave me Lovenox I
gotta take it twice a day one in the
morning one night
um every 12 hours yeah and thank you

man y’all
long time coming
this time I’m not stressing I’m not

doing nothing stupid I’ma have a great
big baby on it
I posted you know the ultrasound picture
from the ER on my wall on YouTube

I am music Indians
thank you uh Shanice
yes I was like man
only I don’t have nothing this is my
first baby y’all this is my first baby
oh Heavenly and then they gave me
information about me being in my first
um definitely got to take my prenatals
he subscribe me
um like I said my Lovenox is twice a day
I no longer take Warfarin because you
don’t want the baby to be harmed in any
kind of way
um hold on yeah

it’s in a bag okay all right
um what else
oh I don’t know it’s just
I’m nervous
I don’t know how to feel right now like
I’m nervous
no this is his second this is his second
he has a fifth hero son
I’m five weeks
yes my due date is around July 19th of
next year I’m like man
that’s a long way away
yes I am five weeks
I know right

I haven’t like you know baby mom passed
away when he was sick so I want
something with my mom his mom and my
grandmother name if it’s a girl if it’s
a boy I don’t know
um it’s gonna have tea in it as his name
is Tori so you know my uncle name is
I don’t know if you think of some things
are you serious Barbie the real Barbie
Okay congratulations boo

good morning sugar honey

thank you Marie
I’m nervous yeah I don’t know where to
start I don’t know
the first I don’t know nothing
I don’t know where it started where the
end they would finish it like
huh here we go again
but this time I’m documenting everything
so I go see my OB GYN in one week
yes they want to make sure like right
now my seat
I forgot what it’s called but when they
take your blood
um that’s 1 700. so they said in a week
it should be double that so I’m like
okay and then my summer should be
growing a little bit bigger to say
um about 12 weeks they say our organs
should be developed in my baby so
I’m nervous but I’m excited

feel that real Barbie I feel that
is this man
yeah I was just on the thing I’ve been
Strays look at my hair I never really
did like this y’all well I’m I’m lying
I look like worse than this but it’s
just the thought like I’m back at home
and comfortable with my mom and
me like we got the place
like God don’t sleep he just keep
blessing and blessing and blessing and I
just thank God for me
me humbling myself
and I see all the blessings that’s
falling through
no I’m not gonna make it well I can’t
make a second channel the document
um I already have a second channel it’s
Miss coldhearted 22 but I don’t have
anything loaded on there so yeah I
probably put the pregnancy stuff on

I’m always among the other people kids
I want to
I am he was just my boyfriend was just
talking about that he was like oh no you
know we going to take pictures right I’m
they said we should do a pregnancy shoot
he’s like yeah he’s tired look
being here since what
5 p.m not even five it was like
yeah we’ve been here since three
oh this is oh so tired and sleepy

waiting on this live
we’ve been together for a year
I know right
and it only seem like it but
they get on my nerves yeah

make the eyelash even hurt

I was falling off that’s why it’s
yeah I’m crazy I know
but oh well
like how do y’all feel about me having a
baby I want to know y’all and put on you

anybody got an input how they feel
about this pregnancy or anything

nothing okay
well since nobody has nothing else to
oh okay
thank you Barbie I appreciate it like if
y’all got any motherly tips to let me
about even before the baby come please
send it to me inbox me on Miss
coldhearted22 gmail.com

thank you

thank you sugar honey
I know right I hope


thank you music and dance yeah I pray so

yes this is my first Arlene

um Ms Dot c-o-l-d

-h-e-a-r-t-e-d-22 gmail.com

this is my mom’s first grandchild it is
she it is she’s excited and she was like

oh Lord
thank you sugar honey

yes my mom is very excited
I hope this baby have her getting off my
back and yelling all the time
up there

cigarettes no because I really don’t
really like them like that
but marijuana maybe but I want me to

have a healthy baby and a drug-free baby
so yes
um I’m gonna try to get marijuana

it is

5 15
a.m over here

I’m not shaking
I’m trying to look for these leaves

two people were shy and killed downtown

oh well go to sleep
it’s a 2 15. I could still be asleep I
don’t like waking up
it’d be cold it’d be you know

yeah but that’s why I wanted to tell
but enough for the baby talk right now
I’m about to look for these leaves cause
I’m gonna go home okay and lay down I’m
so I gotta take my mom’s work
gotta get up in a couple hours about
three hours so yes I need to go and lay
my behind down somewhere
and rejuvenate and start out a little
bit so I’ll talk to y’all later but
y’all thank y’all for your input thank
for the like subscribes don’t forget to
hit that Bell to be notified hold on so
what did the doctor say about the health
thing and all that do have to change or
do anything different for this pregnancy
no not really
um the ER doctor is like everything’s
fine but he really wants me to go get
checked in a week so he can make sure
that the pregnancy is going the right
way Since I no longer take the Warframe
what he’s trying to make sure is I don’t
develop a blood clot because I came in
here for a blood clot I was short of
breath couldn’t do nothing
um still having a little technical
difficulties but he said give it a
little couple days if I still feel the
same come back so hey it is what it is
I’m tired nice
threw up earlier
blew my Jimmy John’s up but I want a
pickle It’s a Good Bites but anyway I’m

yes talk to y’all later

The Drama

  1. Schenee has announced a pregnancy before in 2020. She claimed she had a miscarriage.
  2. People claim she lies about pregnancies.


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